The Power of Your Emotions

Your emotions are powerful tools to inform you about:

  • What’s important to you
  • What needs to have your attention
  • What your boundaries are

Use your emotions to support you to improve your life.  They’re here to help you gain a greater connection to who you really are.   And isn’t that ultimately, what we’re all seeking? 

Too often in an attempt to remain upbeat, positive, or even to just keep going in our busy lives, we ignore our emotions.  We push them down so they don’t derail us, telling ourselves, “This is for the best”.  Or worse, you’ve been told that to feel or express your emotions is either “immature”, or you’re “being too sensitive”.  Not true.

Your emotions are here to alert you to how you really feel about a situation. And they also link you back to unhealed wounds or disappointments so you’re able to resolve them. 

Holding on to unresolved issues only leads to stress, tension, and physical illness.

Have the courage to listen to your emotions


The quickest way to move forward in life is to acknowledge what you’re really feeling. Not only is this helpful in getting to the root cause of your discomfort, or even to connect with a sense of joy or peace you might be feeling, but it also is a way to feel fully alive.

When you allow yourself to truthfully experience what you’re going through, you connect with what’s really important to you.

By doing this, you’re honoring who you are – you’re sending a powerful message to your brain that says, “I’m worth it”. Your sense of self and worth rise in response.

On the other hand, if you stuff your feelings, the message to yourself is “My feelings aren’t worth expressing. I’m not worthy of being heard”. When what you really want is, to know you’re worthy of expressing yourself, and of being fully you.

Once you’ve taken the time to identify the motions that are moving through you, you can take steps to release them. The following is a technique you can use as a way to shift and let go of any emotions you’ve been experiencing or holding on to. Emotional Freedom Technique. What is it?

Freedom to be yourself

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