Nurture Yourself First

nurture yourself first

Pay Attention – Notice When You Need to Slow Down

As I sat on the deck, looking out over the beautiful Costa Rican ocean, I was filled with the peacefulness and wonderment of the area.  It was heavenly to experience.  My immediate reaction was to grab for my cell phone and share the moment with friends.  I was suddenly struck with the thought that we rarely take the time to fully experience these moments which are given to us. Instead of allowing this time to nurture myself, I was already rushing off to give to others.

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Nurture Yourself First

I realized that if I just allowed myself the time to “fill my tanks” first with this wonderful experience, I’d have more to give to others later.  Too often we’ve been taught that it’s selfish to think of ourselves first.  Especially if you’re a woman.  Our natural nature is to nurture others.  But with today’s busy schedules, we end up pushing ourselves past the limit of what’s healthy.  It eventually takes a toll.  We’re so busy running from one job or situation to another that we forget to slow down and do what takes care of our needs. When in fact, if we take the time to care for ourselves, in healthy and balanced ways, we end up wanting to give even more. I find that when I’m filled with joy, I can’t wait to share this with others.

When You Nurture Yourself First, You Have More to Give

When you take care of yourself, you’re much more available to help or support others.  The stronger and more nurtured you are within yourself, the more you have to give. 

Once I realized how much I was falling into the programmed response to take care of others before I took care of myself, I allowed myself to just relax and sit for a full 30 minutes –  just taking in the feelings of the moment.  When I was finished, I sent off some texts to friends. Happy to share the experience with others.  I encourage you to explore the option of taking care of yourself first.  When you do, you’re filled with joy and contentment.  You’re more willingly share this with others, because you have so much more to offer.

If you find you aren’t able to practice self-care, book a 20-minute complimentary call.  We can discuss what stands in the way of your giving to yourself.  

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