About Sumi

My passion is helping clients discover what holds them back from success in any area of their life. Because of my background, I understand what it takes to achieve big goals, and how to deal with any setbacks or disappointments.

By identifying what blocks a person’s success or forward movement, the person is able to then release these blocks in simple ways. Most times it’s just a shift in perspective that creates real change. Once that shift occurs, they tap into their strengths and gifts. This brings about positive action and change.

My background: I danced with New York City Ballet under the guidance of George Balanchine. Reaching this level of dance, I experienced all aspects of going for a big goal and what it entails. It gave me a personal understanding of how to be disciplined, deal with disappointments, and how to set effective, achievable goals.

After leaving the ballet I went on to become a professional horse trainer. The horses and riders I worked with competed on the National Show circuit. They received awards, including championships at shows such as Madison Square Garden, The National Pony Finals, Washington International Horse Show, and Harrisburg National. This experience taught me how to transition, successfully, to a different career. This gives me the experience in helping clients make a career change in their professional life.

Because of both of these experiences, I know what goes into having a dream or goal, and what it takes to achieve them – What the pitfalls are, and how to deal with all the ins and outs of success including:

  • The fears
  • Disappointments
  • Pressure or stress associated with big dreams or goals
  • The negative reactions from other people that can come up as a result of your success
  • How to continue growing and expanding on your work and your goals.

Because I understand how challenging it is to have a dream and the struggles associated with it, there’s nothing I love more than being able to help others pursue and accomplish what they’re aiming for. Whether it’s a basic goal or a bigger one, the steps and emotional components of each are the same.

My mission is to empower as many people as I can by helping them step into their full potential. There’s nothing better than witnessing a person discover and fully own their greatness. When someone is encouraged to live through their true self, with all of their unique gifts, the world changes. When the creativity and abilities of each individual are allowed to shine, the world becomes a better place.

The work I do connects people to the part of them that makes them come alive. I naturally see and relate to a person’s full potential. When I meet anyone, I see their true self – the part of them that holds all of their strengths, abilities, creativity, and inner wisdom. Within each of is the internal gauge which holds all of the answers for your life. By seeing this part of a person, I hold the vision of who they are while they discover it for themselves.

When you change your perspective, you change your life.