Don’t Ignore Your Feelings – They Tell You What’s Important

Don’t ignore your feelings.  They tell you what’s really true for you.  They’re also the road map to your fulfillment and happiness.


Too often we’re told to “Get over it.  Forget about it“, or “Don’t focus on it, it’ll only bring you down.”  People mean well when they give this advice, and there is truth to focusing on happiness or at least feeling calm.  But first you have to discover what your emotional response is trying to tell you.  Otherwise you bypass what you can learn.  You also bury the emotions deep within your body where they aren’t forgotten, only silenced for the time being.

Not only that, but more importantly, you send the message to your brain that “Your emotions aren’t important“, which equates to, “I’m not important.”

Think about it.  If a part of you, your reaction to something you experience, isn’t important, then underneath that, how can you be important?  This is the message you send to yourself over and over again when you pretend you don’t feel a certain way.  It actually undermines your ability to be happy.

But Aren’t Emotions Messy?


Sometimes.  But the other side of it is, when you bury them, they only fester and come out later. Usually in either an over-the-top way, or even as an illness or ache in your body.  There are techniques and tools where you can quickly move through your emotions without feeling traumatized by them.  I use EFT and FasterEFT as a way to help clients acknowledge and quickly move through what they’re experiencing.

Both of these techniques very quickly lower the intensity of what someone is feeling.  EFT also helps bring awareness to the person about the entire problem.  When the brain drops into this calm state, it gains an understanding about the situation and how to move through it.  It also knows exactly what steps they might need to take.  I’ve seen people come to amazing insights. They incorporated all parts of themselves and came up with a conclusion that worked for them. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Emotions

Emotions are here to stay.  They’re what make you feel alive.  Many people struggle with
“Not feeling passionate about anything.  Or they’ll say,  “I wish I knew what I was passionate about.”  
The more you “practice” something, like burying your emotions, the more the feeling of “being numb”becomes your default.  It closes down your capacity to feel alive. Your mind doesn’t suddenly switch from ignoring emotions to feeling them.  Whatever you practice, whether consciously, or unconsciously, you become good at.
If you want to feel passionate about life and feel fully alive, you have to be willing to acknowledge all of your emotions.  The idea is to experience them in a way that feels safe for you.  A way that supports you finding out exactly what you need to know.  In this way, you can let go and move on with all parts of you, releasing these emotions so they don’t come back to haunt you.

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