Are You Holding Yourself Back by Focusing on What Could Go Wrong?

You have a project, a dream, goal, or desire.  Somehow though,  you just aren’t taking action.  Maybe you’ve convinced yourself it’s impossible before you even had the chance to evaluate it. Or you keep meaning to follow through, but somehow you procrastinate and don’t do it.   Ask yourself where your focus is.  Are you focusing on what could go wrong?  Are the pitfalls, “worst case scenarios”, or the possibility of failure the things you’re focusing on?  Or are you looking at what the upside could be?

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We’re wired to look for the negatives as a way to survive

Our “caveman” brain is wired to survive – to look out for all the dangers that could destroy us.  Because of this, our focus tends to be on “What could go wrong?  Where’s the danger in this?“, rather than “This could be awesome!”  

Caveman thinking worked for us then – It doesn’t work now. 

Looking out for dangers or disasters was probably a good idea way back in caveman times.  Everyday was filled with real dangers, from freezing to death or being eaten by a dinosaur or saber tooth tiger.  
But we no longer live under those circumstances.  Unfortunately, the evolution of our brains and bodies takes longer to catch up.  Because of this we still possess the natural instinct to focus on the negatives. 

Examine your fears and doubts

Rather than just say, “Oh, I could never do this because…..” and then walk away from something you might want or like to do, examine exactly why you feel this way.  What are your fears?  What’s the worst thing that could happen if you did this?  Once you know what these reasons are, look at what lies beneath these beliefs.  

Do they remind you of something that happened in the past that didn’t turn out well? Are they something you saw or heard from your parents?  Were you told certain messages from your parents that cause you to believe you have to be careful or can’t accomplish what you want to go after?

Underneath most reasons or doubts that stop us from taking action, is a fear, incident, trauma, or message from our past.  We learned to avoid similar situations at all costs – even if the situation could lead to success.  
When you gain an understanding of what’s behind your reluctance to act, you realize it’s usually done in an effort to protect yourself.  Now you have a choice.

You can choose to change your focus

Once you see what’s causing your reluctance, you have a choice.  You can either keep telling yourself not to do something because your main focus is on what could go wrong, or you can take steps to turn that around.  When you deal with the underlying beliefs, fears, or traumas, you get rid of what blocks your ability to take action.  

I use EFT, or tapping, to release any blocks that come up.  It’s an extremely effective technique that identifies and releases any fears, doubts, or emotional traumas that get in the way of positive focus or  action.  

Make the upside bigger than the downside.

As you begin letting go of the doubts you’ve had, start to let yourself get excited about what the upside could be.  Really imagine what it would look like or feel like to achieve your dream or goal.  When the upside becomes bigger than the downside, you’re naturally inspired to keep going and follow through.

If you’re ready to take your life to the next level, book a complimentary call.  We can discuss our goals.  You an ask any questions you have and we’ll see if we’re a mutual fit. 

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