The Power of Vulnerability

When someone mentions vulnerability, the last thing most people think of is power.  Most people equate it to being weak.  But in fact, we have it all wrong.  The power of vulnerability is how it brings us to life.

power of vulnerability

Brene Brown gave a great Ted talk about vulnerability and how it’s actually powerful, not weak as many people believe.  Brene studies human connection and vulnerability.  Her book, Daring Greatly – How the Power of Vulnerability Transforms the Way We  Live, Parent, Love, and Lead, shows how the willingness to explore vulnerability will change your life.

Life Can Be Challenging – The Last Thing We Want is to Feel Weak

Life can be challenging.  And most times it involves another person who’s adding to, or causing the challenge.  So we go through life deciding we really don’t want to feel that kind of discomfort or pain ever again.  We don’t want to appear weak and we certainly don’t want to feel those emotions again. Each time you go through something painful or difficult, the tendency is to shut down just a little more.  We close off our hearts and we put on a happy face.  We do this to survive.  We’re trying to protect ourselves.  But when you close down, not only do you shut out the “bad stuff”, you also close off to the good.

We’re all trying to survive and doing the best that we can. But if you close down or put up barriers to who you really are and and how you feel, you lose the ability to love deeply – to really connect with another person.  And isn’t love and connection what we all want in life?  

Love equals acceptance – to be accepted and loved for who we really are – quirks and all.  In an attempt to be accepted, you put up a facade, you’re robbing yourself and the people around you of what makes you truly unique.  It’s the uniqueness of each person that makes them lovable and interesting.

How the Power of Vulnerability Can Change Your Life

Being vulnerable allows you to experience your emotions.  Because you’re in touch with how you really feel about what’s happening in your life, and what drives you, you come alive.  While it can be scary to think about doing, once you do, the rewards of living greatly and experiencing life in a deeper way far outweigh the fear.

I hope you’ll explore what being vulnerable means to you and how it can enhance the quality of your life.  If you want to watch Brene Brown’s Ted talk on vulnerability, click on the link below:

When you’re ready to explore letting go of barriers you have to truly feeling alive, book a complimentary call.  I’m happy to answer any questions you have and see if we’re a good fit.

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