Choose Happiness

You have a choice.  Believe it or not, you do.  If you want to be happy, you first have to make the decision to choose happiness.

The first step in any process of change or action, is making the decision.  If you want happiness, then make the decision to have it. Before you can do anything in life, there needs to be the conscious decision it’s what you want. Once you’ve made the decision, you move into action. Action is taking the necessary steps to reach your desired goal. 

Choose Happiness – How your commitment makes a difference

Once you decide to be happy, in order to achieve success, you need to be 100% committed to it. Your whole being needs to resonate with that choice.  If not, your results will be diminished.  Yes, you can have some happiness, but the road to it will be more difficult if you’re not entirely aligned with it.
If you aren’t in alignment with what you want, there’s resistance in you.  Our bodies and minds want to feel peaceful and in alignment with what’s true for us.  Whether it’s a conscious, or subconscious resistance, it dramatically affects what we can accomplish.  What are your truths? Your actual truths. Not the truths your mind came up with as a means to protect you.  These aren’t truths, they’re beliefs. If your beliefs don’t match the idea of having in your life, then the amount of happiness you achieve, is created by whatever you hold in your subconscious.

Common beliefs that get in the way of your ability to choose happiness

So what are some of the more common beliefs that hamper a person’s happiness? 
Here are a few:
  1. Life is hard
  2. Life is tough
  3. Everyone I know is miserable, why should I think I’m any different?
  4. I don’t deserve to be happy because…….. (Here is where guilt or shame come in from past behaviors or actions we’ve taken)
  5. I can’t be happy until I have, achieve, or accomplish……
The belief that our happiness depends on what we acquire, achieve, or accomplish fools us into believing we can’t just be happy because we’re alive.  Any of the above beliefs can keep you from having happiness. It’s our attitude that determines if we’re going to be happy or not.  If you want to be happy, you need to identify any beliefs you have getting in the way of your happiness. Then do the work to change or release them. 
There’s a great story about 2 little boys.  They were each put into a room filled with manure. After about 30 minutes, the adults opened the door to the one of the rooms. Forlornly sitting in the corner was the first boy.  He was downcast. When they asked him why, he replied, “There’s all of this manure and it’s awful. I’m having a horrible time.” They then went to the second room.  When they opened the door they discovered the other boy joyfully laughing and digging through the manure. They were astonished. When they asked him why he was so happy, his reply was, “With all this poop, there’s bound to be a pony under here somewhere!”
The moral of the story is, you can choose to be positive, or negative.  Recognize that it’s up to you to change your attitude and to choose happiness.  There are steps to take that can help this process along. But the very first part is making the decision.  Decide what you’ll choose.

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